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Rollin Trailer is the premier OTR Trailer Rental and Leasing company located in the Pacific Northwest. We have multiple locations to serve you best from coast to coast. We have trailers running all over the nation.

We firmly believe there are benefits of both renting or purchasing equipment for your fleet. However, for short term or volatile situations, renting can’t be beat. Check out this quick list of why:

  1.  A main benefit of renting is you can pick and choose your times to rent. If you own several trailers yourself, you can rent additional trailers only in your times of need. In essence you can save money by running a tighter ratio of trailers to trucks and just rent to fill voids of  or market shifts.
  2. Help save capital when expanding! You can spend your cash on trucks and other equipment instead of purchasing trailers. Rent trailers in the beginning to give yourself a feel of what you want or need.
  3.  If you are considering moving from dry freight to reefer contacts, consider renting a reefer unit to start and see if it is something you want to get into as a business. If you have never done something before, it’s always smart to start by renting.
  4. Tight on space in your commercial fridge? Let us help you get through so your food stays fresh by renting a reefer trailer to keep on site at your facility.
  5. Help ease the pain of broken down equipment. Why have extra trailers when you can just rent to get you through. Don’t spend your time and money worrying about and fixing problems! When you rent a trailer, there are typically maintenance contracts that keep the burden off you.

Applying for a trailer rental or lease is easy with Rollin Trailer

Our Trailer rental application DOES NOT SHOW UP ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT. This means renting a trailer (or even multiple trailers) will not hinder you from purchasing or financing other equipment. We know that downtime in trucking means lost money. We make it extremely easy and affordable to get on the road with a great trailer. In most cases, we can have you approved and have your trailer ready before you even make it to our office.

Maintenance Included!

Most of our trailers come with a maintenance contract so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance expenses that come along with putting miles on these trailers. The price, flexibility, and customer service that come along with renting a trailer from Total Trailer can’t be beat!

Our customers become friends for life

Reach out to us and we will get you Rollin’ today!

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  1. Christopher - August 8, 2019 - Reply

    Thanks for the info guys!

  2. David Norriss - January 7, 2020 - Reply

    I like the advice you gave to rent containers when starting out your business so you can get a feel for what you’ll need as you grow. This way you don’t end up spending too much money on buying trailers and trucks when you should’ve put it somewhere else. I think small businesses shouldn’t worry about having their own shipping systems until they are able to grow stably.

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